CyrusOne begins construction on 1-million-square-foot data center in Chandler

CyrusOne headquartered out of Houston, TX, provides data center, managed hosting, colocation, and managed IT services in North America and Europe. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB).
They have expanded their company into Arizona with this massive data center due to the infrequency of natural disasters in the state. Considered one of the safest places in the country, it was deemed a perfect place to build such a tech marvel. Once complete, the data center will be the largest building of its kind in the US, with 110 megawatts of power capacity generated from a CyrusOne substation right on the property (being built by SRP).
Gary Wojtaszek, President of CyrusOne, stated that, “The CyrusOne Phoenix [Chandler] data center will be a marquee facility and one of the most advanced data centers in the industry, featuring energy-efficient technology, cutting-edge design, and enterprise-class standards–all designed to exceed our customers’ needs both now and in the future.”
The data center will sit on a 57-acre lot near the intersection of Germann and Price. In terms of job creation in Chandler, and what this will look like for Arizona’s tech landscape, AZCentral followed up with CyrusOne Chief Technology Officer Kevin Timmons who explained that initially, “[This] massive co-location center will employ 50 technicians, administrators and other staff when completed.” Timmons elaborated to say that this job growth is just the beginning of positive effects for Arizona and tech related companies.

7 thoughts on “CyrusOne begins construction on 1-million-square-foot data center in Chandler”

    • I agree. 1 Million sq ft is insane amount of data center space. The other crazy part about this article is the 110 Megawatt custom power plant, that’s enough power for about 20,000 or so homes! And then only 50 employees. 🙁 Data centers are notorious for not generating any jobs, but it’s still kind of cool to have one nearby.

  1. At least this will employ thousands during the construction – and those jobs are sorely needed in AZ right now! You are right though, 50 people in a 1MM sq ft space means each person gets about a football field of space to themselves. 🙂 
    Also curious – doesn’t Phoenix NAP and I/O both have huge datacenters that are nowhere near capacity? I wonder if these guys have the space sold or if they are speculating? 

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