GoDaddy World's Biggest Domain Name Registrar

Scottsdale-based GoDaddy is no stranger to controversy...or success.
Recently, Scottsdale-based GoDaddy announced that they are the world’s largest provider of SSL certificates, having added more than 33,000 SSL certificates to their portfolio in the last month alone. Businesses use SSL certificates to secure and encrypt data that passes from the website to the user and vice versa.
But chances are when you think GoDaddy, you think domain name registrations. Or Superbowl ads featuring scantily clad models. Or maybe even elephant hunting.  GoDaddy is no stranger to controversy, and nor is it a stranger to success.
According to GoDaddy’s website, they:

  • currently manage over 52 million domain names
  • are the world’s largest registrar
  • register, manage, or transfer more than 1 domain name per second
  • are larger than the next 8 closest competitors combined
  • have over 10 million customers


These days more and more of us want and buy domain names — and that’s what GoDaddy does best. Having a party? Having a baby? Traveling to Sweden?
For about 10 bucks, you’ve got your own little piece of the Internet. GoDaddy made a name for itself by offering low-price domains.  Back when Network Solutions was pretty much the only game in town (charging $75+ for domain names, annually), GoDaddy launched with sub-10-dollar pricing.
In addition to domain names and SSL certificates, GoDaddy provides approximately 40 additional services for businesses and consumers looking for an Internet presence. These services range from web hosting and website building tools to domain parking and private registrations. Without doubt these services are useful to various segments of their customer base, but they can be a bit annoying when they are all presented to you during the checkout process — and all you want is to get your dot-com quickly and to start building your WordPress site.

More About GoDaddy

Founded: 1997
# of Employees: ~3,500
Revenues: ~$1+ billion
Founder: Bob Parsons
Twitter: @GoDaddy
Blog: Bob’s Video Blog
Phone #: (480) 505-8877
Headquarters: 14455 N Hayden Rd #226 • Scottsdale AZ 85260 • USA