Skynetwest joins forces with Soaring Eagle Imaging to take further advantage of drone data

drone data

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) service providers Skynetwest, based in Chandler, and Soaring Eagle Imaging, based in Brandon, Miss., have joined forces to create a drone data collection and processing company called Soaring Eagle Technologies

The goal for this new company is to become the leading resource for gathering and processing data provided by drones. 

Soaring Eagle Technologies will be led by Army vet and drone expert Noah Ruiz from Skynetwest and Will Paden from Soaring Eagle Imaging. The two will utilize the resources of their previous companies to provide reliable utility, energy and infrastructure inspections. These resources will increase access to hard-to-reach and complex structures to use things like visual and thermal imaging. 

Headquarters for Soaring Eagle Technologies are in Houston, Texas. Paden, from Soaring Eagle Imaging, will lead a team of eight experts with a combined 100 years of experience in manned and unmanned aviation. 

Drone data

“As veteran pilots, we have a keen focus on safety,” said Paden. “The two companies complement each other very well and share common philosophies and values.”

Soaring Eagle Technologies has already performed critical inspection flights to harden the grid and prevent wildfires for such purposes as vegetation management, right-of-way and storm response. The flights have also helped with search and rescue, controlled fire overwatch and wildlife and fishery.

Ultimately, the goal for this move is to become a leader in the drone industry, and now the company has enough resources to do just that. 

“Given the growing demand for technical UAS aerial data collection services and infrared imaging, it makes good business sense to leverage efficiencies to continue expanding and meeting client demand,” said Ruiz, who is president of Skynetwest. “We look forward to what this juncture brings as we plan to make a greater statement in the drone industry.”