Phantom Space continues to expand with acquisition of Florida-based microsatellite tech firm

Phantom Space rocket
Phantom Space Daytona Rocket

Phantom Space Corp., a space transportation technology manufacturing and development  company based in Tucson, has acquired Micro Aerospace Solutions (MAS), a microsatellite tech firm.

MAS, which provides space communications systems, space propulsion systems and electrical hardware design for spacecraft and rockets, could further help Phantom Space become what it refers to as “the Henry Ford of Space.” 

With this acquisition, Phantom will have access to MAS’s wide range of technologies, including proprietary wide-band communications hardware, which allows a broader range of connectivity through software defined radio. 

The company also has proprietary in-space propulsion systems and extensive experience with electrical system design specific to things like in-space infrastructure, navigation and tracking. It also offers spacecraft and system testing, data collection, and development.

This acquisition is the second in a series of acquisitions Phantom began earlier this year. In May, the company acquired StratSpace, a satellite program designer and manager, also based in Tucson. 

Additionally, the company raised $5 million in April and has announced plans to launch its Daytona Rocket, which is a mass manufactured, expendable two-stage rocket designed to provide reliable transport of satellites and other space cargo into Earth’s orbit and beyond.

Phantom hopes to democratize space access and enable space commerce, and continues to take steps toward that goal.  

“With every passing day, the democratization of space access becomes more and more of a reality,” Jim Cantrell, co-founder and CEO of Phantom, said in a statement. “A significant revolution in low cost and low-hassle space access is underway and as a result we are seeing a vertical integration of the launch and satellite markets as a single product offering to many customers.”  

Both companies are excited to start this next chapter. 

“To have our technology be a part of this historic moment in time is exhilarating, as is watching our technology grow as a result of the acquisition,” said Dr. Don Platt, founder of MAS.

Cantrell expressed a similar sentiment.

“By acquiring Micro Aerospace Solutions and integrating their technology into our own, we are furthering Phantom’s mass manufacturing and distribution of space transportation technology, enabling us to push these discussions and explorations forward even more.”