Paradox acquires Baltimore-based Traitify to simplify recruiting process

Recruiting process from paradox

Paradox, a recruiting software designed to make the process more conversational and personalized, has announced its acquisition of Traitify, a mobile-first digital assessment platform based in Baltimore, to simplify the recruiting process. 

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Paradox founder and CEO Aaron Matos expects the Traitify platform to further enable Paradox’s mission to “simplify hiring through automation with a human touch.” 

“They share our passion for recruiting and our philosophy that software should make things simpler, faster and easier — not add more work,” Matos said in a statement. 

Scottsdale-based Paradox was founded in 2016 after Matos observed recruiters spending way too much time managing their application tracking system (ATS), following up on emails and scheduling interviews. 

Matos saw an opportunity to automate much of these tasks. This idea plagued him like a “pebble in his shoe,” which is what drove him to start Paradox. He believed software should be doing the work for us, not the other way around. He wanted to build software to help recruiters spend less time with software and more time with people. Olivia, the company’s conversational AI assistant, has been developed to make that happen.

Since then, Paradox has experienced rapid growth and has been recently ranked in the top 5% of the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. Some of Paradox’s major clients include Unilever and McDonald’s. 

The company’s acquisition of Traitify is the next step in its growth strategy.

Baltimore-based Traitify (now Traitify by Paradox) is designed to provide recruiters and applicants with visual assessments that are fast, visual and mobile-first. These assessments are meant to generate insight on applicants’ personalities and better predict the candidate’s fit for the role using the Big Five personality model. With Traitify, assessment completion rates are more than 96%. 

The integration should be fairly painless, as Traitify is already integrated with Paradox and serving some of the same clients, including ResultsCX and McDonald’s. Both companies also work with HCM platforms, including Workday and iCims. 

Paradox Chief Product Office Adam Godson said he anticipates that the partnership will help hourly candidates find a job faster and make hiring simpler and more efficient, especially for teams that hire in big batches. 

“I’ve always subscribed to the idea that there’s never a good time to make a bad hire,” Godson said in a statement. “Traitify is playing a key role in helping its clients hire the best candidates for the job, faster — and that’s never been more important than right now in the high-volume hourly segment. I can’t wait to see what our teams will do together.”