Keap announces new text marketing features to improve automated communication

keap announces text marketing features

Keap, a sales and marketing automation SaaS company for small businesses, has announced new text marketing capabilities designed to help a company become more efficient and less chaotic, as well as communicate more effectively to its customers. 

The new text marketing capabilities include features like automated text messaging and broadcast texting. Text message broadcast has built-in compliance inline with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Opt-in messages are customizable and users can track opt-in status on the contact record. 

The Chandler-based company understands that effective communication is essential to success, as it ultimately builds customer loyalty. But avenues of communication are changing, and Keap wants to provide its users with a way to keep up (pun intended). 

While email is a tried and true way to communicate, open rates have fallen dramatically. As a result, the company is leaning into SMS. The company cites research that shows that 90% of all text messages are read within the first three minutes. On average, emails are read within 48 hours.

“Text messaging is a powerful sales and marketing tool and we love seeing the great response from our customers,” said Rajesh Bhatia, CTO at Keap. “Our goal is to make text marketing as easy as possible, and built-in compliance was a key factor. With this new functionality we are confident that our customers will see improved communication and lead conversion.”  

Keap founder Clate Mask was featured on season 1 of AZ Tech Podcast.