wins TiE50 Award for innovation in AI technology has been named a 2021 winner in TiEcon’s TiE50 Awards Program. The company is one of 152 winners worldwide, but the only winner from Arizona. 

Winners of this award gain visibility and exposure to sponsors, partners and investors, including venture capitalists and angel investors. Winners also have access to thousands of dollars in credits from partners like Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Freshworks. is a HIPPA-compliant, AI-powered marketing chat software designed specifically to convert more customers in all things healthcare, including wellness, addiction, behavioral health, physical therapy and senior living facilities.’s platform includes a dashboard that gives users a view of chat campaigns across multiple channels, including Facebook Messenger. 

TiEcon is sponsored by TiE Silicon Valley and is considered the world’s largest conference for tech entrepreneurs. TiE Silicon Valley is designed “to foster tech entrepreneurship globally.” The 27-year-old organization is a network of techies, from professionals to entrepreneurs, from investors to influencers. According to the group’s website, the network extends to 61 cities in 18 countries worldwide.

TiEcon is meant to strengthen TiE Silicon Valley’s international ecosystem by showcasing new tech startups and their products. The conference has been around for more than 10 years. The awards ceremony was held earlier this month.

Applicants submit to the TiE50 Awards program by paying a fee and filling out an application online.