Scottsdale is Arizona’s biggest home for tech

The Scottsdale Waterfront // Credit: Flyer48 at wikimedia

So far this year, Scottsdale has the highest number of software companies in Arizona. This insight comes from a 2021 Q1 analysis by Gregslist, an online resource that provides information on Phoenix software companies, SaaS growth and software industry talent. 

Gregslist reports that Scottsdale has a total of 258 software companies, which is about 36% of all Arizona software companies. Phoenix comes in second, with 226 companies representing 31% of the total. Though Tempe comes in third, it’s only got 70 companies — about 10% — of the AZ companies listed.

It’s important to note that not all Arizona software companies are in the Gregslist database, so these numbers may vary slightly. 

The report includes a few other notable findings. Seventy-eight companies have been added to Gregslist in the past 90 days and 257 have been added since Q1 2020. Gregslist estimates that there are almost 76,540 people employed by software companies, including the approximately 573 jobs posted on the site’s hiring page.