RevolutionParts plans major hiring in 2021, launches partnership with automaker

RevolutionParts, a Phoenix-based SaaS company that provides e-commerce solutions for buying automotive parts, has announced plans to increase its staff by 40% to meet the company’s accelerated growth that’s not expected to slow down. 

“We have significant growth plans over the next three years,” says RevolutionParts Founder and CEO Ibrahim Mesbah in a press release.

RevolutionParts is looking to hire a wide variety of positions, including both senior leadership and sole contributor roles in “just about every other key area you could think of,” says Jackie Kostas, the company’s chief of staff. Some of the areas she mentions include sales, marketing, engineering and customer success. 

Since Mesbah founded RevolutionParts in 2014, the company has seen huge growth, particularly in 2020, which comes from a growing need for both consumers and manufacturers to purchase parts online. In 2020, RevolutionParts saw transactions of online parts purchasing increase from $328 million to $420 million in 2020. The company hired 40 people last year to support the growing demand. And in September 2020, the company launched a new partnership with Mercedes-Benz as the official provider of the manufacturer’s parts and accessories website. 

RevolutionParts continues to see increasing demand for their product as more and more consumers purchase parts online. This has forced other auto manufacturers, like Amsterdam-based automaker Stellantis, to rethink their parts and accessory buying experience. 

In fact, RevolutionParts launched a partnership with Stellantis earlier this month. This partnership will power the National eStore by providing the software that controls purchase experience, payments and order fulfillment. RevolutionParts will also provide a series of programs designed to help Stellantis improve the performance of their parts department. 

RevolutionParts expects that this new partnership with Stellantis will contribute to a 50% increase in the number of dealers the company serves. As the company continues to look for opportunities to help other manufacturers launch similar programs to the Stellantis solution. 

For those looking to apply to RevolutionParts, the company notes that it pays competitive wages and provides employees with career development opportunities, benefits, 401K match and parental leave.

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