Silicon Valley Comes to Phoenix: A Tribute to Arizona’s Tech Growth

Silicon Valley is making its way to Phoenix next week, as more than three dozen leading technology executives are scheduled to present at the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference. “This will be the second consecutive year the April 17-19 conference will be hosted at Hotel Palomar due to its massive success last year and Phoenix’s rapidly developing tech scene,” said Girls in Tech founder and CEO, Adriana Gascoigne.

“Phoenix is uniquely positioned to mature its startup community,” Gascoigne said. “There’s an impressive talent pool, and the framework required to launch and support businesses is underway. Ambitious entrepreneurs and tech professionals are eager to keep that momentum going.”

Gascoigne added that the easy commute to Phoenix from all parts of the U.S., and the desirable weather were factors, as well.
The conference has the support of top-tier executives from distinguished companies such as PayPal, IBM, Cisco, Axosoft, Intel, Moz, TaskRabbit and Autodesk. Networking events and workshops are also included in the conference agenda.
The goal of the Catalyst Conference is to inspire, support and celebrate the success of women in technology. Gascoigne said that her vision for the conference was to have a platform where women could “let their hair down” and have candid discussions about the issues that affect all of them.

“It’s an authentic place for women in tech to support one another,” Gascoigne said. “Women at all levels in their career can talk about anything affecting them – startups, entrepreneurship, tough career choices, how to confidently take risks.”

As for the growing numbers of motivated entrepreneurs in Phoenix, Gascoigne said she hopes the conference inspires them and leaves them with tangible takeaways on how to continue their success. Men, too, are welcome at the conference as presentations regarding startups, funding and entrepreneurship extend across gender lines.
girls in tech catalyst conference
Girls in Tech was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco. The organization today has a global presence, with more than 60 chapters worldwide and more than 30,000 members. Girls in Tech offers members entrepreneur workshops and bootcamps, mentoring sessions, startup pitch competitions and more.
A limited number of tickets are still available, use code ‘GIT25’ to save 25% when you reserve your tickets online. You can view the full Catalyst Conference agenda and speaker line-up here.