TASER Pulse self-defense weapon packs a punch

Coming in at  5 ¼-inches long, 4 ½-inches tall, and 1 1/8-inches wide, this new version of TASER’s citizen self-defense weapon can pack the same punch as the one used by law enforcement.
As part of TASER’s home and business defense line, the company released the TASER Pulse today at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, an updated version of their citizen subcompact, electrical weapon that is built for concealed carry.
Improvements to the weapon include shaved safeties, sloped ‘iron sights,’ targeting laser and high visibility flashlight tucked into an intuitive sub-compact design.
TASER has built in a Safe Escape feature where a person could reach an attacker from up to 15 feet away and immobilze them for 30 seconds, giving the person a chance to get away. The company has a Safe Escape product replacement policy where if you deploy the weapon, drop it and go to safety, they will replace it for you.

taser pulse-3
Provided by TASER

“The debut of the TASER Pulse is a recommitment to our company’s core mission to protect life and to help citizens who want to safely protect their families. We encourage all Americans to have a safety plan and the TASER Pulse should be part of that discussion,” TASER International CEO and founder Rick Smith said in a statement.
taser pulse-5
Other features of the product include:

  • Exclusive brightly-colored yellow accents surround the cartridge so it can be easily identified as a less-lethal weapon
  • Shaved safety levers make it comfortable to carry discreetly
  • Angled trigger guard makes it easy to holster especially when being carried discreetly
  • Color contrasting front sight, makes traditional target attainment easier
  • Sloped iron sights prevent it from being snagged by clothing upon quick draw from a discreet carry holster or when withdrawn from a purse, briefcase or backpack
  • LASER assisted target acquisition
  • High intensity LED flashlight ensures you can identify the attacker in dimly lit areas or at night
  • 30-second duration of high voltage output allowing the user to make a Safe Escape

The TASER Pulse costs $399 that includes two disposable TASER cartridges, a soft carry protective cover, a battery pack, and a conductive practice target. It is scheduled to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2016 according to TASER.
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Graphics courtesy of TASER