Change the music in your car with your eyes — CES 2016

One thing the new cars at CES 2016 had in common was digital integration and display. From dashboard integration to app connectivity, each car company had their own take on how to help users feel more in touch while driving.
Ford announced a fully digital dashboard with eye tracking technology, allowing a user to select items on their dash without having to use their hands or any form of direct contact.
The goal of the new technology is to let owners “have a way to bring their lives in to the vehicle with them”, according to a Ford spokesperson. The company is focusing more on becoming a mobility company rather than an automotive company.
Drivers can also use Ford’s SYNC AppLink. This allows drivers to use the same apps that are already on their smartphone in the car as well.
Chevrolet has been working on advanced phone integration. In 2016, Chevy will offer Apply CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility in some of its models.
The company also placed an emphasis on the myChevrolet mobile app, which allows even more remote-vehicle access to set parking reminders, get real-time diagnostic alerts, and remotely unlock doors.
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes-Benz is working on an integrated digital dashboard. The user interface of the concept future cars have a fully digital dashboard with potential eye tracking technology to select items on the screen. Eye tracking would allow someone to select something on screen with a simple gesture.
The company also showcased their new Concept IAA, an aerodynamic car that aims to combine luxury and function in the most high tech way possible.
Audi debuted the 20167 Q7 3.0 T quattro, along with an app to connect with the car that serves a multitude of purposes.
Audi Connect Services allows a Q7 owner to do the following:

  • lock and unlock your vehicle remotely
  • check the status of doors, lights, or mileage of the vehicle
  • check information about the next oil change and inspection
  • see warning messages about the car
  • set maximum speeds or a geofence so that the car will notify you if someone driving it goes over a certain speed or takes it out of range
  • set destinations by searching for something and sending it to the car’s infotainment system
  • locate your vehicle if stolen

The Q7 is currently available on the market.
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