Keep in tune with your health at home — CES 2016 health tech

Forget constant visits to sterile doctor’s offices. The integration between technology and health is letting consumers have the option of keeping in tune with their body themselves from the comfort of their own home.
Check your temperature in two seconds — Thermo by Withings
Consumer electronics company Withings is making its way in to the connective health space with Thermo, their easy-to-use forehead thermometer.
Users place the Thermo on their temple and with one click, they receive their temperature reading within two seconds. The Thermo has 16 sensor measurements that are taking 4,000 measurements at the hottest point of your body. Users can then assign their reading to a personal profile on the product. The reading is then sent via Bluetooth or WiFi to the phone app, where the user can add symptoms, medications they are taking, share the result with doctor, and more.
Thermo is currently awaiting FDA clearance to become a Class 2A medical device. The product will be available by spring for $99.
Relieve pain with infrared technology — LumiWave by BioCare Systems, Inc.
Med tech company BioCare Systems has a product that allows someone to treat pain and accelerate healing with certain wavelengths of infrared light triggers.
“We’ve taken what’s normally a clinical level device that chiropractors and physical therapists use that are 4 to 6 thousand dollars and brought it in to a consumer friendly range,” CEO of BioCare Systems, Inc. Jon Weson said.
LumiWave has been cleared by the FDA for lower back pain, arthritics, and sprains. Olympic athletes have been using the product for the past 8 years at their clinics. The 20-minute treatment can be used every four to six hours. According to Weson, BioCare Systems is currently working on developing a battery powered unit so users don’t have to plug LumiWave into the wall.
The product is currently available on their website and ranges in price. A single LumiWave with 200 LEDs costs $299, while a double LumiWave with 400 LEDs is $349. The double LumiWave covers double the area.
Stay in touch – Honeywell’s health management solution
Honeywell’s Life Care Solutions products and services bring healthcare to the home with the Seymour self-care solution. Seymour helps consumers who want to manage their own care but have easy access to providers when they need it.
Honeywell combined Genesis Touch wireless remote patient monitor with the LifeStream provider software to give patients remote daily monitoring of blood pressure and weight. Healthcare professionals can chime in when problems are detected. The product also integrates with a customers EMR for data exchange and provides a place for engagement.
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