Beauty tech lights up CES 2016

Lights, camera, action! The use of a variety of lighting solutions is playing a big role in some of the newest beauty tech gadgets. Here are some of the beauty tech items we saw during CES 2016, from lighting that helps hair growth, to lighting that helps you apply the correct makeup.
HairMax showcased their new HairMax LaserBand 82, a band that uses infrared lighting to help hair growth. The hair growth laser light device uses a low level laser treatment with 82 medical grade lasers totaling 655 nanometers of laser light. The point of the product is to normalize the hair growth cycle.
The device is FDA cleared and has a 90% success rate, according to a HairMax representative. The LaserBand 82 provides a 90 second treatment. Users place the device on their scalp for 90 seconds in three areas on your scalp. The treatment is meant to be done three times a week.
“It’s a very high tech but very natural way to get your hair to grow back in,” a representative from HairMax said.
The LaserBand 82 is available online and in stores for $795.
GLO Science
GLO Science is providing a teeth whitening solution that gets rid of sensitivity and allows for professional whitening at home or in a dental office. “It combines elements of professional whitening and consumer whitening,” a representative with GLO Science said. The product provides more efficiency with less sensitivity.
The whitening agent used is hydrogen peroxide combined with GLO technology built on a flex circuit, fitting people with all mouth sizes. Heat resistors are built inside. Heat speeds up the breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide, whitening teeth more efficiently.
GLO Science is also working on creating products that improve gum health. The GLO Science teeth whitening solution is available in both the retail and professional space. Consumers can find the product in 800 dental practices nationwide. The product is $220 retail and varies in dental offices based on the dentist. Consumers can find locations on the company’s website with the doctor locator.
Simplehuman has released a sensor-activated vanity mirror that uses infrared sensors to detect when you are there and when you walk away. This allows the mirror to turn off the mirror lights, saving battery.
The mirror has been on the market for three months. “These panels are surgical grade LED lights that simulate natural sunlight,” a representative from simplehuman said. The lighting helps users see their skin in the most color correct view possible.
With the accompanying app, users are able to change different settings based on lighting from outdoor to cloudy to restaurant to nightclub. This helps with applying makeup in the lighting of your destination. The mirror also has an auto brightness setting and WiFi capability.
The mirror itself is rechargeable, and one charge lasts about three weeks. The product is available for $400 at Neiman Marcus.
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