3D printed objects rising out of a pool of dark liquid

A large figure rises out from the darkness of the swamp and turns into this humanoid/plant elemental creature – it was the vision I had when a 3D printed sphere ascended into the light out of a pool of midnight colored liquid resin.
NewPro3D, a Vancover-based company, showcased their 3D printer with Intelligent Liquid Interface (ILI) at CES 2016. The device uses wettable membrane technology, a light source and smart software to print objects at record speed.

3D printed tower from liquid resin

According to the company, “The membrane is chemically designed to create a dead zone and inhibit the polymerization between the membrane and the printed object. This eliminates the mechanical processes used on conventional 3D printing techniques allowing us to grow an object continuously at record-breaking speeds.”


According to Diego Castanon Delgado, Mechanical Engineer for the company, they are looking to license the technology at this time.

Courtesy of NewPro3D - tech layers
Courtesy of NewPro3D – tech layers

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