Get GEAR-ed up with Samsung's new geek gadgets

From being immersed in 360 degree scenes to staying connected over a 3G connection through your watch, two of Samsung’s newest gadgets released at CES 2016 are helping tech geeks gear up.
On the heels of the GEAR VR, powered by Oculus, released in Q4 of 2014, Samsung announced the launch of their first consumer gear virtual reality set along with “Project BEYOND”, the first fully automated 360 degree 3D VR professional camera. The camera can take video that can then be viewed through a virtual reality set. To build the virtual reality media, Samsung partnered with Oculus, a virtual reality technology company.

Samsung VR
Samsung VR

Between the two companies, over 500 videos are available in VR services. The new VR system will be priced for the mass market as well.
Another unique product that Samsung announced was their Gear S2 Classic smart watch. The watch now comes in a 3G connected version that allows users to call and text without a phone around.
Photo courtesy of Samsung

The new watch will come in two colors, platinum and rose gold, and have custom watch bands and faces. Apps like Uber, eBay, and CNN will also be accessible and usable on the user interface.
Samsung also announced that mobile placement via Samsung Pay and iOS compatibility will be available with the new watch line as well later this year.
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