New LG OLED TV as thin as 4 credit cards – CES 2016

Photo contribution Ryan Loebe & Chloe Nordquist
A TV as thin as four credit cards stacked on top of each other, a smart refrigerator that responds with a knock and a washing machine that will open with a touch of a finger were among the new Signature premium products released at CES LG Electronics press day.
President LG USA William Cho said the company is designing their products to make them more harmonious with people’s life, integrating them with current products on the market and more intuitive.
The company is partnering with more car manufacturers such as GM and Volkswagen as well as Google to improve the way drivers and passengers receive their information within the car and improve safety. LG’s technology is combining driver system cameras and sensors to expand the senses of the car that help detect short and long range obstacles in real time, such as nearby cars and pedestrians, and can display all the information in a panoramic view on the windshield.

With the Internet of Things, LG is partnering with service and tech companies such as ADT, NEST and Google to integrate their platform into everyday products. Vice President product Management at Google Gayathri Rajan said “devices must choreograph experiences across devices.”
Now for the electronics…
TV as thin as a few credit cards
LG Signature OLED G6 TV comes in at a thin 2.57mm glass panel, which equates to four stacked credit cards; TV is literally a picture on top of glass. The sizing will range from 55” to 77” with no backlighting unit and High Dymanic Range imaging that can manage a billion rich colors (that was a “B”). The new series will have a Dolby Vision and UltraHD certification.
The stand actually doubles as an integrated speaker system with extra woofers. For a wall mount, the speaker can fold back behind the glass. LG touted the “Power of Black” and the technology that ventures deep into the grayscale to provide a picture that looks ridiculously real.
LG also announced a Super UHD with the most advanced LCD measuring in at 6.6mm and teased the new UH98, 98” 8K TV.
Knock, Knock, who’s there? You’re refrigerator!
The new LG refrigerator was all about the new door display and sensor to open the door with your foot. With a knock on the panel door, the door-in-door display lights up and becomes transparent, making it easy to peer inside without losing energy. If your hands are full of groceries, no worries, hold your foot by the bottom door sensor and the top doors will open. If you miss your fridge, don’t fret, you can communicate with it through your smartphone and control its temperature and track energy usage.
Washing machines are getting smarter
LG is making it easier to get your laundry done with their front loading washing machines. For those out there that have tried to open the lid with a handful of stinky clothes and ended up dropping half of it on the floor, LG has the solution — an auto door open feature with a press of a button. The controls are integrated into the glass door with touchscreen abilities to manage both the top and mini washer. Other features include an auto dosing detergent system, an improved vibration reduction and noise management system and smarter connectivity. The Signature line offers a black stainless steel design with a fingerprint and smudge resistant coating. The front load is 30” and TWIN WASH is 14.6”.
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