Social Venture Partners AZ and Seed Spot team up for boot camp

Twenty semifinalists from Social Venture Partners Arizona (SVPAZ) Fast Pitch Competition, will be entering one of the most exclusive startup boot camps in the Valley.
Seed Spot, one of the leading social conscious incubators in the country, is teaming up with SVPAZ to help prepare these 20 startups for their next step in the competition by taking them through a five-day, intense pitch program.
This tailored boot camp is designed to hone the startup’s business models, help them better understand the needs of their clients, unlock opportunities for growth, define their action plans, and connect to a network of mentors and experts who can make it all come together, according to a statement by SVPA.
The SVPAZ competition is known as one of the premier nonprofit pitch competitions in the Valley. The Social Venture Partnership organization was founded in 1997 by Paul Brainer in Seattle, it has over 3,500 partners, chapters around the world and have helped over 770 nonprofits raise over $55 million.
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SVPAZ Executive Director Terri Wogan Calderón said in a statement, “This program has helped a number of organizations effectively tell their story and gain additional community support, and we are excited to use the expertise of Seed Spot to take these organizations even further and generate a much wider, positive footprint in the local community.”
According to an SVPAZ press release, if the boot camp works out for all, both organizations look to develop a more robust partnership to help nonprofits around the world.
Klein said to AZTB, “We are deeply committed to supporting people in our community who are dedicated to solving important societal problems. Through this partnership with SVP, we know we can help accelerate ideas that change lives and further strengthen nonprofits in our community who are worthy of public support.”
If you want to see the 20 startups in action, the Fast Pitch Competition is on March 1, 2016 at the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center.  Get your tickets here.  To learn more about Seed Spot boot camps for startups here.
Learn more about Seed Spot here.
Lead graphics provided by Seed Spot and Social Venture Partners Arizona