Monday Motivation: 10 Quotes from AZ Startup Founders

Motivation can be tough around the holidays, but these startup founders and CEOs have some advice to help get you get on your feet whether you are in the idea stage or have an established company.
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“I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to interview those within your market and your ultimate consumer,” President of XOXY Jo Lynn Clemens
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“Whatever that passion is outside of our work, you have to feed that passion and it will come full circle to you,” President of VisionGate Scarlett Spring
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“You want to find those individuals that really don’t want something out of it, they’re just looking to help others,” CEO of NoteBowl Andrew Chaifetz
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“What are the must-haves in your app that you need to have? Get those must-haves and don’t make any sacrifices,” CEO of link2golf Kevin Curry
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“Hopefully you’ve surrounded yourself with people that you really like to work with and really trust and they’ll help you get through it,” CEO of SalesFitRX Don Pierson

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