SiteLock develops security WordPress plugin for GoDaddy customers

Small businesses to personal bloggers and everyone inbetween who uses GoDaddy will now have more convenient access to analyzing their site’s security.
Website security solutions company SiteLock and GoDaddy have partnered to introduce a new WordPress plugin with their security services for customers.
“We’ve [partnered] with SiteLock for a year and a half now and have been very successful with it,” GoDaddy General Manager of Security Products Wayne Thayer said. “It provides regular scans of our customer’s websites looking for vulnerabilities.”
The plugin will give users an at-a-glance view of scan results in the WordPress dashboard. Users can access their SiteLock Dashboard from inside WordPress, making the process more streamlined.
SiteLock Plug-in WP Traffic Report
The software behind SiteLock detects malware as soon as it hits the site and automatically neutralizes the threat. SiteLock also provides businesses with complete reports on threats, scans, and removed items.
“When it comes to vulnerabilities, they are often found in plugins and third party themes or in versions of WordPress. SiteLock doesn’t directly upgrade the site [instead it] notifies the customer to go in and take action,” Thayer said.
The plugin is available for free in the WordPress plugin directory.
SiteLock Plug-in WP Dashboard
Before the plugin, there were separate control panels and customers had to move to a different area of the website to look at any issues or statuses from SiteLock.
“As the hosting space continues to evolve, we wanted to offer a strategic solution through a trusted small business advisor and partner like GoDaddy. We worked together to make it easy for customers to seamlessly integrate security into their sites,” SiteLock’s Executive Vice President of Business Development Tom Serani said.
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The two companies first partnered in April 2014 to bring GoDaddy customers website security.
“We at GoDaddy had our own vulnerability scanning product and we made a decision a few years ago to look at other options,” Thayer said. “We decided that when you look at the options available for small businesses, SiteLock stands out.”
SiteLock is also available for shared hosting customers.
Scottsdale-based SiteLock was founded in 2008. They currently offer cloud-based website protection to over 5,000,000 customers worldwide. GoDaddy currently serves over 13 million customers worldwide and has more than 61 million domain names under management.
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Photos courtesy of GoDaddy