Virtual Reality gifts for your gamer – video

Virtual reality is best known in the gaming world for its immersive real-life environment, but now it’s being used in education, healthcare, big brand advertising, even football players are practicing in a virtual world off season. While we are all waiting on the highly anticipated Oculus Rift, mobile VR devices are on the market to help gamers get their fix. VR consumption is on the increase and  analysts predict the Virtual Reality Market could reach anywhere from $2 to $21 billion by 2020.


Local game studio Broken Windows featured with Reflections | run time 1:30 min

Major players are getting in the game including Sony with Project Morpheus, Facebook who spent $2.3 billion on Oculus that created Rift and Microsoft recently showcased their Hololens to be released in 2016 and too have a strong presence in the VR market with Xbox and Kinect.
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For those that don’t know what Virtual Reality (VR) is, VR immerses you into an experience and artificially places you in a physical environment. With a blend of hardware and software, users can play video games via PC, console-based or mobile VR headsets and launch into another world.
Before you jump right into the VR world, there are a few critical warnings when using the devices.

  • It can make you nauseous or dizzy
  • It’s best to be sitting down when using the device
  • Do not use them for more than 20 minutes and less time for younger users
  • For the mobile devices and devices with the goggles exposed, NEVER look up at a bright light or into the sun to avoid permanent eye sight damage.

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If you are looking to get a pair, better make a move, reports are showing that the Samsung Gear VR for smartphones for $99 are selling out; other VR devices include Google cardboard that starts at $23 and NOON VR ($89) and NOON VR Lite ($16).
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