Make it, fail, make it again, sell it – interview with UAT Provost Dr. David Bolman

Video contribution by Xavier Smith
Building a product, having it fail, going back to the drawing board and then figuring out how to get it to market is a “been there done that” mindset when a student leaves the University of Advancing Technology (UAT).
“Learning has changed,” Provost UAT Dr. David Bolman said. The curriculum at UAT follows more of an applicable model where the students learn by building products as they would in the real world. Coursework includes exposure into cybersecurity, digital art, robotics, video game development and more. Also, students receive courses in entrepreneurship and learn how to take a product to market.

Interview with Dr. David Bolman, UAT Provost run time 2:57 min.

We want to “elevate a thinking of technology,” Bolman said. By the time a student graduates, they have built something that may or may not have succeeded, but they’ve done it six times, Bolman said.
With 75 percent of the students coming in from out-of-state, another goal for UAT is to retain that talent in Arizona and encourage innovation.
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