Gadgets for the Guru: Simplify Your Life

Tech gadgets are fun and sometimes entertaining, but they can also be useful. Here are some gadget suggestions that can transform any hectic life into a simplified techie experience.
vis tiger-1VIS Tiger
The VIS Tiger is a one-of-a-kind gadget that acts as the ultimate power bank and jump-starter. It features a battery power of 8,000 mAh that gives you 25% more power, resulting in increased performance and capability. If your smartphone loses battery quickly, hakuna matata, the VIS Tiger charges your iPhone 6 or similar powered smartphones up to 3 or 4 times on a single charge, and it’s capable of jump starting your 12V car battery up to 20 times on a single a charge. Oh, and did we mention it’s also a handy flashlight? The VIS Tiger will give you peace of mind when on a long road trip and need to charge up devices or jumpstart your car. The innovative gadget from Jumper Power Labs is available for purchase for $189.00.


Take a break from the day-to-day stress and try this mood-enhancing wearable that uses a method of neurosignaling or low levels of pulsed electrical energy, to modify ones’ mood by stimulating certain parts of the brain. The gadget is a lightweight, portable, 2D, curved device that is placed on your forehead and snap into Thync Strips that either curve behind your ear or to the back of your neck to deliver a comfortable experience. Available for purchase for $299.00.
FitKit is a total fitness package in a small kit. FitKit is housed in a compact, portable case that holds a jumprope, tubing with handles, resistance band, exercise cards, reflective armband, ID tag and door attachment. Use the online library of over 250 exercises or the exercise cards to exercise in your living room, dorm room or office. The tiny kit allows for maximum exercise. The kit comes in three different colors; royal blue, black and pink.
camelbak relay healthy gadgetsCamelbak Relay
Drinking plenty of water is an essential part of every day living, and the folks at Camelbak have made it simple to pour fresh water in seconds. The Relay is an innovative water filtration pitcher that filters water at the speed of your faucet. Relay utilizes a unique filter with Double Filter Technology; it filters the water twice, once as you fill the pitcher and a second time as you pour. It comes in a variety of colors and is available for purchase for $36.99.
FIDO-Yubico-YubiKeys-2-444x296YubiKey Edge
The YubiKey Edge combines Yubico’s two most popular strong authentication methods, one-time password and FIDO U2F, in one single device. Durable and compact, the YubiKey Edge offers a second layer of security to a username and password login. Just insert it into any USB port and touch, no drivers needed. When you’re studying in the school library, use YubiKey to keep your laptop safe with this extra set of security. Available for purchase for $30.00.
XY Find It Product ImageXY Find It
Do you lose your keys on a weekly basis? What about the television remote? This compact beacon attaches easily to keys, laptops, smartphones and more, and is the perfect solution for the forgetful student. It works through an accompanying mobile app that can send lost notifications, locate items, and gives a location history. Available for purchase ranging from $24.95-$149.95 for a 1, 3, 6 or 10-pack option.
board blazers-2Board Blazers
Inspired by an ASU “Bro” skateboarder who duct taped Christmas lights to the bottom of his skateboard, founder Greg Rudolph created attachable lights called Board Blazers. The Arizona-based company sells circular, multi-colored, adhesive lights for skateboards that twist on and off. The compact lights are waterproof and are strong enough to withstand extreme tricks, provided you place them behind the wheels. Available for purchase for $24.99.
bactrack vioBACtrack Vio
Don’t drink and drive! BACtrack Vio is a keychain breathalyzer that uses Bluetooth technology to sync wirelessly to your smartphone. So, next time you decide to go out for a beer or two with your buddies, you can self-monitor your blood alcohol level. The slick device is about the size of a USB drive and syncs to a free app on your phone for easy testing. The ZeroLine feature even tells you when your BAC will return to 0.000, so you know when you’ll be safe to get back behind the wheel. This gadget is perfect for the 21+ crowd. Available for purchase $49.99
Logi Blok Family
Logitech’s newest product line is a family of cases that secure your iPad from the occasional drop. The Shell, Case, and Keyboard Case are the perfect gadgets for anyone that may accidentally drop their Apple tablet. The iPad case makes it easy for anyone to flip through powerpoint presentations and take down notes during a lecture. The cases have square corners designed to help protect the most sensitive part of the iPad, its corners. The price for each: Shell $39.99, Case $69.99, and Keyboard costs $129.99 at
logi collage
lumee case selfieLuMee Case
The LuMee case is a front-lit smartphone case that provides extra lighting for the avid selfie taker. This case is best used when in low light conditions and even has a dimming capability for bright to low lighting. LED lights placed strategically around the front of the case illuminate your face and act like a ring light. And don’t worry about the battery dying – the LuMee case is rechargeable and comes with its own charging cable. The LuMee case fits Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and S6 and the iPhone 5s, 6s and 6s Plus. Available for purchase for $49.95.
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