Twazer, a Craigslist for college students, launches at UA

There’s Craigslist, eBay and Amazon, and now there’s an e-commerce app that’s tailored specifically to the college student population.
Peer-to-peer and geo-location marketplace Twazer has created a space where users are required to have an .edu login email in order to download the app and sell their stuff. 


“Twazer is a mobile app that allows students to buy and sell things from one another,” co-founder Sameer Jafri said. “Our goal was to create a centralized marketplace so students can undergo transactions on campus.”
Every transaction happens in person. Nothing can happen until the two parties meet, according to Jafri. Once the two parties meet, they can either pay using cash or Venmo.
“We are implementing PayPal as another transaction engine,” Jafri said.

Courtesy of Twazer
Courtesy of Twazer

Students can sell whatever they want on the app, from used clothes to furniture; users are able to use the filters to search via location, for particular items or within a certain price range.
Twazer launched in mid-September and to date has over 1,200 users. They launched at U of A last week.
A group of four co-founders created the app. “Every person who works on this is a college student and that’s pretty unique in my opinion,” Jafri said.
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Right now Twazer is in user acquisition mode, and the company is not taking a cut of the sale at this time. Instead, they began their first revenue model a couple weeks ago with corporate sponsored posts.
“Startups and people who have small businesses or corporations who are looking to market their product or service to the college demographic pay to have their product or service listed on the app,” Jafri said. Twazer will take a percentage of each sponsored product or service sold.
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The photo used is a screenshot of Twazer’s website.
The article has been updated since the original post to clarify where the cofounders went to college , when the app launched at U of A and user acquisition.