Medtech startup NeoLight to help babies with jaundice – interview with co-founders

Video Contribution by Xavier Smith
Medtech startup Neolight, a device that helps treat jaundice in newborn babies, is continuing to gain speed and will soon be finalizing their product and sending it off for FDA approval.
“Neolight is a phototherapy medical device that treats jaundice in newborns [versus] the technology used today [which is] LEDs or fiber optic cables,” co-founder Chase Garrett said.


Interview with co-founders Neolight Chase and Vivek

The company was created by three now graduates of Arizona State University after one of the founders saw the problem abroad.
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“We felt that we could find a solution for this problem that we [found] in the world,” CEO and co-founder Vivek Kopparthi said. For every device sold in U.S., they want to give one away free.
Their device is made to be portable, easier to use and is the size of two iPads. Neolight wanted to provide the world’s fastest and most efficient way to treat jaundice, according to Kopparthi.
The company is also developing a disposable mattress that babies can sleep on for the device.  
“This mattress will have a swaddle like structure to not allow the baby to turn and directly face the light,” Garrett said. “[It will] protect the baby’s eyes and coddle the baby to make the baby feel comfortable.”
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The company was a venture in ASU’s Edson Program, which provided resources and $7,000 in funding. Since then, they have competed in pitches and won nearly $50,000.
Neolight is currently a cohort in the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation’s acceleration program. They won a scholarship to Draper University and were also invited to South by Southwest.
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