Weekend Reads: Space Advocacy, Heart Led Leader & Why We Work

Now that the mornings and evenings have cooled down, Arizonans can truly enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on the backyard patio with a good book. Here are a few book suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.
adventures in space advocacy book coverLocal author and aerospace engineer Mackowski describes in his memoir his involvement in grass-roots advocacy for a more robust American space program. A longtime member of the National Space Society (NSS) and instrumental in the formation of the Phoenix NSS chapter, Mackowski’s memoir Adventures in Space Advocacy depicts the successes, failures and other activities involving his time in several space advocacy programs. Mackowski hopes, “that historians of the space movement will find this to be an interesting first-hand account of grass-roots efforts to promote space exploration to the public.” Purchase the space memoir here.
Heart-Led Leader book coverWhat makes a great leader? Is it your ability to think with your head, or heart? Author Tommy Spaulding believes that love is at the very basis of every successful organization, and cultivating an unselfish desire to do good for others is integral to leadership. In his book The Heart Led Leader, Spaulding introduces readers to CEOs who take the time to get to know their employees. Spaulding explains how genuine interest and compassion drives results in attainment, shareholder success, sustainability, and bottom lines. So ask yourself; are you a good leader? Purchase the book here.
Ted_schwartz_141113Two years ago a worldwide Gallup poll indicated a sobering statistic: 25 million workers in almost 190 countries were asked if they felt engaged at their jobs. Nearly 90 percent of them indicated that they “spend half their waking lives doing things they would rather not be doing at places they would rather not be.” So why do the other ten percent love their jobs?
Why We Work: A TED Original by Barry Schwartz explains that the difference is people’s perceptions. Modern research shows that people perceive their jobs in one of three ways: as a job (work with “little discretion” and minimal experience); as a career (with a clear path and set advancement); or as a calling (high engagement). The latter perception is what employees value and employers should strive to achieve. Do you love your job? Purchase the book here.
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Contributions from Terri Schlichenmeyer