Wearable holograms and 1st laptop Surface Book emerge from Microsoft Windows 10 Devices

Co-written with Ryan Loebe
Wearable holograms used to destroy alien robots exploding out from your wall stole the stage at Microsoft’s Windows 10 Device event.
Project Xray
The HoloLens is the first fully untethered holographic computer that blends reality that mixes holograms into our world, and now your living room. Titled Project Xray, it’s a mixed reality gaming platform that gives players the option to wear holograms and adapts to each player’s environment.
During the awesome demo an alien burst out from the wall and the player was able to place a hologram weapon on their body and shoot. As the player moved around the room, so did the aliens. The sensors map the environment (such as your living room) and each game is customized to the player. I project many broken lamps in the near future.

The company also announced the SDK available 1st quarter for $3,000.
Keeping with gaming, the company announced the Xbox will run on Windows 10, upcoming Xbox One games headed to the shelves include Rise of the Tomb Raider and Halo 5 and a new limited edition console is available this holiday.
Windows 10 is doing well…
Microsoft kicked off the event bragging about the immense success of Windows 10. The company reported 110 million PC’s running Windows 10 and 50 percent of managed customers are working with Windows 10 trials.
The next chapter for Windows 10 includes new devices, partners, new chips, hardware and integrating HELLO, Cortana and Continuum.
Windows 10 Logo
Even the social media giants are adapting to Windows 10. Facebook (and Instagram) will be creating new Universal Windows 10 apps.
Health and wearables will continue to marry in the gadget world. Microsoft announced their next gen of the Band with a new breathable, flexible and curved design protected by Gorilla Glass and built to be more responsive. The product will have the past tracking capabilities, but now users can check email, calendar and more. The company has also partnered with Men’s Fitness, Facebook, Twitter, Starbucks, LoseIT, with more to come, for a full user experience.
The new Band also has Cortana integration, 11 new sensors to track Vo2 max and UV and includes a barometer. The Band works with Windows, iOS and Android phones, ships October 30 and sells for $249.
The Lumia comes in two versions, 950 and 950XL, with adaptive antennae technology to achieve the best connection, octo-core and heXA-CORE processors and liquid cooling technology. The screens are 5.2″ with 564 PPI and 5.7″ with 518PPI respectively, with OLED screens and glance screen technology.
Next, the camera, 20 megapixel sensor with triple RBG flash, an optical image stabilizer, ability to film in 4K, a dedicated camera button, all info can be uploaded to the cloud, and can hold all of your family photos with 32Gb internal, expandable up to 2TB via SD card.
The connector allows for a faster speed of transferring of data and charging. The USB-C allows the user to charge their dead battery to 50 percent in 30 minutes.
The Lumia 950 costs $549 and 950XL at $649.
Display Dock
Turning your phone into a PC is a thing for Microsoft. The new Display Dock allows for a phone and a Continuum experience with full access to Office. The Dock has an HDMI and Display Port plus three USB ports.
Surface Pro 4
As expected, the company did release a new tablet and then spent ample time on their new Pen stylus.
The tablet has 5 million pixels, 12.3″ screen, 267 PPI, LCD gates into the panels, Pro Set backlit keys, has 40 percent larger track pad and hybrid cooling. All this is powered by the 6th generation Intel Core Processor with 16GB RAM and 1TB storage; Cortana is integrated and users can give voice commands.
The company touted the Surface Pro 4 runs 30% faster than Surface Pro 3 and 50% faster than Macbook Air. The product comes with four USB 3.0 and two 4K Display, Ethernet and one productive connection port.
Surface Pro 4 pre-orders October 7 starting at $899 and is available October 26.
It’s a Pen
It’s the rebirth of the stylus. Microsoft announced their new Surface Pen that can handle 1024 levels of pressure, and in case you want to remove something, it has an eraser. The Pen works with apps such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Users can choose from five colors with interchangeable pen tips.
Surface Book
The last surprise was Microsoft announcing their first laptop to directly compete with Apple MacBook Pro and Air. The company stated that the Book is 2x faster than the MacBook Pro and is the thinnest, most powerful PC ever created.
At 1.6lbs, 3.34lb with keyboard, the 13.5” screen, 7.7mm thin, clipboard laptop has 3:2 aspect ratio with 10 point multi-touch. The battery life runs up to 12 hours and storage is available up to 1TB with 16GB of memory.
Microsoft spent time on their dynamic fulrum hinge technology and the ease of detaching and reattaching the display. The Muscle Wire, developed by Microsoft, expands and contracts and locks the screens when you want to remove the top resulting in a smoother transition.
The keyboard has a track pad that is 40% larger and made from glass.
Microsoft announced pre-orders for the Book at $1499 and comes out October 26.
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Photos courtesy of Microsoft Windows 10 event