Pay for school lunch and field trips in one click with edutech startup Skookii

When it comes to parents paying for their children’s school items, it’s often 5 dollars here for lunch, 10 dollars there for a field trip, and keeping track of it all can be a challenge. One Arizona startup is creating an all-in-one school payment system for parents to manage such school-related items.
Skookii, an engaging payment platform, is tailoring their product to K-12 school students and parents.
“In essence Skookii is the power to pay for any students for school-related items using a single user account on one platform,” founder AliSher Rakhimov said.
Parents can now pay instantly for all of their child’s fees in one place in a marketplace environment. Parents can also sign their kids up for classes and activities in two to three clicks.

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LearnLaunch Accelerator cohort

“Right now there’s no such platform that parents can utilize,” Rakhimov said. “There was nothing for parents so that’s how we evolved into [the space] and scaled this idea.”
The team behind Skookii is currently in Boston at LearnLaunch Accelerator, an education technology startup program, as part of their fourth cohort.
Skookii will be working on their beta pilot during the program to be released in January.
“This [program] really helps us understand our core market and get financing accordingly,” Rakhimov said.
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As a parent and working in the Arizona charter school system, Rakhimov looks to solve a problem for parents in keeping track of all the different activities and fees for their children.
Rakhimov started his company in summer 2014 and started selling the product to schools. When he realized the larger need for students and parents, he shifted to a consumer-facing model.
Currently, Skookii is a web-based platform. Rakhimov plans to create a mobile version of the platform to engage more Millennials.
“As a parent I’m trying to find something to really disrupt, the market is ready for that,” he said.
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Photos courtesy of Skookii