Your signature is now your password – Dynasig releases biometric identity protector

Video contribution by Xavier Smith
No need remember your username and password, just use your finger to open your account. A new biometric security product is in production by DynaSig, the company that built “Bio-pen” a biometric signature device, that can verify your signature for documents and open your online accounts in place of your username and password.


While instantly you might think that your signature can be forged, the behavioral biometric software detects unique writing motions and patterns of the user that can not be replicated by someone else in order to gain access, according to founder Dynasig Richard Kim; this includes signing with your finger or a stylus.
“What you have done with a signature is something that you have practiced many times and ingrained in your muscle memory, that’s why it’s the same with your finger and you’ll see your trait come through,” Kim said.
dynasig signing
With traditional identity protection methods, users have to remember ample amounts of data patterns or house it in a platform to which you, again, have to remember a username and password to access your information.
Kim said that using DynaSig cuts down time to obtain and verify a signature for documents, no paper needs to be used, and everything can be done electronically.
Since most people don’t sign with their full name, the user can verify multiple versions of their signature on the platform.
“It’s the act of signing, not the signature itself, that we are capturing,” Kim said.
The software currently works on MAC and PC laptops. Later this year, the company plans to release their mobile version that offers secure messaging, document signing and password vault.
dynasig dark
Kim is initially targeting the service and healthcare industry where signatures are used on a daily basis for transactions or prescriptions.
Founder Dynasig Richard Kim, has spent 20 years on signal and image processing, secure messaging and 3D inspection, and continuing his passion to protect users against online threats.
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