Local Motors to begin taking pre-orders for their 3D printed car

Chandler-based company Local Motors announced earlier in the week that they are beginning to take pre-orders for their 3D printed electric car, with hopes of getting them into customers’ hands by late 2016.
“We plan to start taking orders for the highway-ready 3D-printed car in October, but I don’t have a specific date yet. We will take those orders via Indiegogo through a pretail campaign, and that campaign will run for roughly one month,” said Local Motors spokesperson Adam Kress.
Dubbed the “World’s first 3D printed car,” the electric vehicle will come in two versions; the low-speed model runs from $16,000 – $30,000 and the highway version will be priced around $50,000.
“We will start building these cars in our soon-to-open 50,000-square-foot microfactory in Knoxville, Tenn. early next year. Then we plan to begin delivering those cars to customers late next year. Local Motors will begin taking pre-orders on Indiegogo in late October,” said Kress.
Also in this week’s news, Arizona State University and Local Motors have partnered to advance materials research regarding the 3D printed automotive parts on the car set to release in early 2016.
“They are looking for different ways to pattern the material, slice it, and anything in between,” program manager on the ASU-LOCO partnership Cody Sellers said. The goal is to make the product stronger and more cost effective.
“Since we rolled out the world’s first 3D-printed car, the Strati, a year ago, we’ve been asked countless times by people how they can buy a 3D-printed car. Now we’re extremely excited to make the next-generation 3D-printed car available to eager buyers,” added Kress.
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