Female founders dominate Seed Spot fall 2015 venture class

You go guuurl! Was the common comment I had for the latest batch of ventures entering Seed Spot Fall 2015 class. Out of eleven ventures entering the program, eight of them are women-owned.
At the monOrchid, Phoenix Councilman Daniel Valenzuela and co-founder Seed Spot Courtney Klein welcomed their startups to a crowd of Seed Spot alumni, mentors and community leaders. Let’s break it down…

Lisa Murrow, founder of Birdytell, an online gift giving platform, joined Seed Spot to expand her mentorship pool and build out her business, she said. We first met Lisa at the Collision Conference and reviewed the product at launch, read our coverage here. 
Lisa also shares some advice in our VLOG series Startup Journal about starting a business.


Faye Tait, the co-founder of Mom Bomb, a successful clotherie in Arcadia, decided to close her shop and focus on her latest venture Spray ‘Em Away, an antibullying spray that gives kids a sense of an emotional shield against bullies.
Who doesn’t love tamales and helping people at the same time? Imelda Happy Tamales is a social enterprise that makes and sells gourmet tamales with the goal to support victims of domestic violence through employment, daycare and transportation. Book your tamale party with founder Imelda Hartley-contact Seed Spot for venture info.
Lucy’s Garage is joining the on-demand auto repair market and bringing auto mechanics found in your neighborhood to your driveway. After putting out a repair request, mechanics can bid for the work. Founder Isreal Medellin.
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If you want to rent out your backyard for a party, Yardhop can help. It’s a platform that connects homeowners with people looking for an intimate outdoor event space. Founder William Stamps.
Fit Focus is a social hub for fitness support. It allows users to exchange fitness info with the community and gain support for your goals. Founder Melissa Higdon.
Commun.ity is a marketplace where you can request help for the big and small tasks in life from other people who live in your neighborhood. Founder Aditi Madane.
Primary Book Club helps parents of children, aged 0-5, to encourage literacy and well as psychological development through books and reading together. Founder Erin Witmer.
School’s a Joke mission it to help improve writing skills with students and help them find joy of writing through humorous fictional writing exercises. Founder Tristan Gandolfi.
BEholder helps empower individuals to create accurate and actionable energy utility information for your building at any stage of its life. Founder Bradley Taris.
Maingo is also joining the on-demand delivery market and focused on delivering food and products to students at ASU. Co-founders Adriana Grado & Yasmin Tapia.
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The ventures will present their business at the Seed Spot DEMO Day later this year.
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