Local activist launches Hopscratch, business in a box for startups

For those tired of working for someone else and want to break out and start a business, figuring out how to put all the pieces in place can become overwhelming.
Hopscratch, a holistic business infrastructure service in a box, launched last week to help newbie entrepreneurs maneuver through the mundane paperwork, tasks and chaos needed to start a business and get them back to doing what they love.
Co-founder Hopscratch, Jonathan Cottrell, known for his community activism to promote entrepreneurship in Arizona, has been helping startups roadmap their way from idea to launch for years. His latest product is designed to stitch together and automate components needed to get founders up and running with ease.
“Our belief is that entrepreneurship changes lives. [With Hopscratch] we are bringing order to this [process] and doing it the right way. It’s about someone looking for more freedom,” he said.
Hopscratch offers two paths to complete the process: self-directed or a premium service where a team will set up the entire business and hand it back to the founder tied with a bow.
Inside the virtual box, users will be taken through steps to complete tasks such as setting up a business email and website to document storage and legal paperwork.
Cottrell said Hopscratch is designed for seasoned employees or established professionals, such as insurance agents, doctors, freelancers and electricians, who want to start their own business but have no idea where to start.
“These are single shingle entrepreneurs that have been wanting to break out. It’s better if they don’t have any of these established business components [and we do it for them],” Cottrell said.
Cottrell said the name Hopscratch came from startups having to “hop over the hoops” necessary to start your business and literally starting over.
“We have a motto of ‘Hop to it and start from scratch,’” Cottrell said.
Cottrell said the mission of his team is to “play a part in a small business owner’s dream,” and provide tools to help founders go for it.
“I love being around entrepreneurs, they have so much hope and excitement and tenacity and this is a way to align with and scale what I have already done in the community. On the personal mission side, it’s very fulfilling to help people realize their dreams,” he said.
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Graphics provided by Hopscratch