ASU announces 21 startups for Fall 2015 Edson cohort

Contribution by Chloe Nordquist
From a mobile garden care platform to an electronic distribution company, 21 startups have been chosen to join the fall 2015 cohort of the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative at Arizona State University.
Each startup will receive mentoring, office space, access to the ASU Startup School, and up to $20,000 in seed funding.
“With previous support and guidance from mentors and advisers at the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ASU SkySong, we have already been able to refine our business model and expand our venture incredibly quickly,” All Walks Project co-founder Erin Schulte said. “Being part of the Edson program will help us reach vulnerable populations all over the country and around the world in order to combat human trafficking within communities.” All Walks Project is one of the startups in this year’s cohort.
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Here is the complete list of the 21 startups:

  • 3D Cycler – Company focused on making 3D printing more affordable and accessible
  • Adaptive Designs – Company working on developing an adapted e-reader that helps individuals with disabilities access reading materials independently
  • All Walks Project
  • AutoMateK – Company focused on importing demanded electronics and distributing them to other areas in the U.S.
  • BeeSprout – A platform for smartphones and web that provides interactive tools to users to plant and care for a garden
  • BetR-blok
  • Bot + BotScripts – A hardware and software robotic exploration system designed to create teaching tools and facilitate STEAM education
  • Curator Engine
  • HEROES For Students – An online platform that connects and provides guest speakers for K-12 teachers
  • Karma – An analytics software system for restaurants to increase their operational efficiency through data and insights
  • Memora Health – A digital health company developing a messaging and analytics web platform to engage patients
  • Nutrition and Health Awareness
  • Pack Handles
  • Portable Bioanalytics – This project produces an autonomous digital instrument that detects as few as five copies of DNA in an hour in a given sample
  • Sential – A portable chest-compression device to manage sudden cardiac arrest
  • Solarvane – A news and information resource for the solar industry
  • Studiocracy – A social network and marketplace for emerging artists to engage with the art community
  • Tipt – An app and website that helps people find a dining experience right when they need it
  • – A mobile app and website that facilitates accountability through goals nad accountability partners
  • UON Technologies – A wireless underwater telecommunications device
  • Zinnect- An online networking platform for ASU students to connect with fellow classmates

The Edson student-centered accelerator program is in its 11th year. Last year’s cohort raised almost $3 million in external funding.
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