Gadgets for the Guru: Back to School under $50

Gear up this Back-to-School season without breaking the bank. Here are some budget-friendly tech gadgets any student will love.
FIDO-Yubico-YubiKeys-2-444x296YubiKey Edge
The YubiKey Edge combines Yubico’s two most popular strong authentication methods, one-time password and FIDO U2F, in one single device. Durable and compact, the YubiKey Edge offers a second layer of security to a username and password login. Just insert it into any USB port and touch, no drivers needed. When you’re studying in the school library, use YubiKey to keep your laptop safe with this extra set of security. Available for purchase for $30.00.
tp-link power bank 10,400TP-Link Power Bank 10,400 mAh
The TP-Link Power Bank 10,400 mAh is the perfect gadget for the connected mobile enthusiast. It’s a sleek and compact power bank that fits discreetly into your pocket or purse. Simultaneously charge two mobile devices or use the built-in flashlight, which comes in handy for all outdoor adventures. The power bank is engineered with practicality and convenience in mind, including a smart LED charge indicator to show battery level can be charged with any standard 5V DC adapter. Available for purchase for $24.99
logi-3Logi Blok Shell
Many students use the iPad to skim through powerpoint presentations or jot down notes and now they can protect their tablet with one of the hottest back-to-school on the market, the Logi Blok Shell. With its sleek and durable design, the Shell can be dropped from up to 6 feet and your iPad will be secure. It also comes with a protective screen to defend against scratches. The Shell comes in a variety of color combinations and is compatiable witht eh iPad Air 2 and all iPad mini’s. Available for purchase for $39.99.
Kenu Highline gadgetKenu Highline
Kenu created what they call a “security leash.” Highline is a protective case system and is specially made for boarders, skiers, hikers, bikers and other outdoor adventurers. Highline provides peace of mind while capturing photos and videos, even in the most perilous situations. Highline is available for purchase for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models at $29.95 and $34.95 respectively (older iPhone models are also available).
XY Find It Product ImageXY Find It
Do you lose your keys on a weekly basis? What about the television remote? This compact beacon attaches easily to keys, laptops, smartphones and more, and is the perfect solution for the forgetful student. It works through an accompanying mobile app that can send lost notifications, locate items, and gives a location history. Available for purchase ranging from $24.95-$149.95 for a 1, 3, 6 or 10-pack option.
This is a hands-free wearable video camera. Think of MeCam like a Go-Pro for everyday life, just smaller and actually wearable. MeCams are amazing for travel as they are small and can be easily attached to clothes to capture vacations for a first person point-of-view while keeping your hands-free. Be creative and stealth-like when snapping your kid’s next soccer game.Available for purchase for $49.99
board blazers-2Board Blazers
Inspired by an ASU “Bro” skateboarder who duct taped Christmas lights to the bottom of his skateboard, founder Greg Rudolph created attachable lights called Board Blazers. The Arizona-based company sells circular, multi-colored, adhesive lights for skateboards that twist on and off. The compact lights are waterproof and are strong enough to withstand extreme tricks, provided you place them behind the wheels. Available for purchase for $24.99.
bactrack vioBACtrack Vio
Don’t drink and drive! BACtrack Vio is a keychain breathalyzer that uses Bluetooth technology to sync wirelessly to your smartphone. So, next time you decide to go out for a beer or two with your buddies, you can self-monitor your blood alcohol level. The slick device is about the size of a USB drive and syncs to a free app on your phone for easy testing. The ZeroLine feature even tells you when your BAC will return to 0.000, so you know when you’ll be safe to get back behind the wheel. This gadget is perfect for the 21+ crowd. Available for purchase $49.99

Copyright © 2015 Cassie Castellaw. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2015 Cassie Castellaw. All Rights Reserved.

Selfie on a Stick
We had to include the Selfie on a Stick! The cultural phenomenon that is the “selfie” has transformed the way people today capture photos. Able to fit any phone size (iPhone 6 Plus fits no problem), the Selfie on a Stick comes with a handy plug-in that goes directly into the headphone jack that syncs with a separate button at the base of the stick for easy photo snapping. Models and socialites Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner used a Selfie on a Stick in an April 2015 Vogue photo shoot. Available for purchase for $24.99.
runphones sleepphonesSleepPhones and RunPhones
These headphones are a comfortable listening gadget to help you sleep at night. Thin padded speakers are lined on the inside of both headphones, wrapped around the same Polartec fleece. The fabric is perfect for dozing off into a deep slumber after a long day of studying, or wiping away drops of sweat while listening to your desired music. To keep clean, the speakers are removable, which enables the headband to be washed. Go for a seamless run or a cozy sleep with these comfy headphones. Available at or and they range from $39.95-$99.95
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