Social event platform Atticue feeds your party vibe

Whether you feel like watching a local band, partying until dawn or attending an art installation, the new app Atticue helps people match social events to their current energy vibe.
“Atticue is a free mobile app that lets you discover the events going on in Arizona and filter out those events based on your mood,” CEO Atticue Brandon Farver said. “It allows you to discover, create and engage.”


Interview with Brandon Farver | runtime 1:50

Users can set their “mode” in app to vibes like “party” or “hungry”, and filter out events that fit their criteria. Users can post events, discover events, and engage with events by posting their photos of the event on the platform. This way, users can see the event in real-time.
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Farver, an Arizona State graduate, came up with the idea when he noticed it was hard to find real-time events. “One thing that’s unique about our system is you have to be in context with the people who are following you,” Farver said. “For example, if you attend an event or you’re at a venue, you have to be in the mode at that venue.
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Atticue is currently only available in Arizona and the app is already gaining traction early as 1,200 events are being added each month. “Right now we have around 10,000 users in the system,” Farver said.
As for next steps, “We are going to be spreading across the Southwest region after we really make sure that we have every single event in Arizona, to make sure we are giving our users the best experience,” Farver said.
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Graphics courtesy of Atticue