Windows 10 attracts gamers of all generations – video

Video contribution by Xavier Smith, content contribution by Chloe Nordquist
Seven, eight…ten. Microsoft brought their “A” game when they developed Windows 10 and upped the ante with the free upgrade and special features for gamers.
Microsoft’s new operating system released this week, mashed the favorites of seven and eight and intends to relieve headaches from previous versions.
According to a report, Microsoft stated that 14 million computers are now running windows and it’s received an overwhelming positive response. Microsoft also hopes to attract new users through the gaming experience with Xbox One Game and Minecraft for the wee ones.
The AZTB team headed over to the Microsoft store in Scottsdale for a demo of Windows 10 that showed how it integrates with the gaming world. Interview with Jason Swenton, store manager.


For the gamers out there…
Microsoft stated they built Windows 10 to cater to a full spectrum of mobile and gaming devices including PCs, tablets, phones, Surface Hub, Microsoft HoloLens and Xbox One.
In a statement provided to AZTB by Microsoft, “Xbox One will take some of the best parts of Windows 10 and optimize them for gaming. [Users] can get into multiplayer sessions and Parties faster, your most used content is more readily available, gaming experiences tailored to your favorite titles are more easily discoverable and your Xbox One will become more intelligent with the help of Cortana.”
The best part, gaming experiences can be streamed across multiple devices via WIFI. Also, “Game DVR” lets users record, watch and playback clips, and share with friends.
For the current pay-to-play Minecraft fans, they can get the Windows 10 BETA for free.
“With Windows 10, we’re gonna see a lot of consumers jumping in on the gaming bandwagon as Microsoft has really connected the entire experience across all devices,” Swenton said.
What else does Windows 10 have to offer?
It’s free! If you are a user of Windows 7 and/or 8, you get this for free for the first year.
“If you’re running Windows 7 or even Windows 8, a user can go in, do their updates, and actually get Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor which will let them know if their upgrade is available and they can download it on their device,” Swenton said.
Welcome back Start Menu – all the things you had in Windows 7 & 8 are here in the start menu and will list both the traditional and newer Windows Store apps with their live tiles.
Speaking of apps, you can see all of your apps in full screen, have up to four applications open at one time on desktop, and toggle between multiple desktops.
Microsoft Edge – Oh thank goodness IE is leaving this Earth. This new browser was built from the ground up. Cortana is build right into the browser and can perform searches as well as reminders, email people through voice. In addition, users can use the “Inking” feature and highlight and take notes inside the browser, then share that information via email. This browser does support Flash.
“When we built Windows 10, we really took security to heart and made sure our customers get the best experience on the entire operating system including Microsoft Edge itself,” Swenton said.
Windows Hello – Walk up to the computer and turn it on with your face. Coming soon to Windows 10, users will be able to sign on to their device via facial recognition.
Continuum & Virtual Desktops – The new system is making it easier to toggle between desktops and work seamlessly with mobile devices. Continuum allows the user to switch between devices such as tablet to desktop mode or crossover from phone to tablet. Also, users have the ability to toggle between multiple desktops instead of signing in and out of each one and can organize each world accordingly.
“Consumers get a fast efficient way to find things they need without having to click through multiple things on the start screen,” Swenton said.
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