Infusionsoft attracts new CPO from Silicon Valley

Infusionsoft, the leading sales and marketing software for small businesses, added Chief Product Officer (CPO) to their executive team and attracted former executive of Intuit Terry Hicks to fill its shoes.
“One of the reason I joined Infusionsoft is because the team here is so passionate about small businesses and uses this passion to help those small businesses,” Hicks said. “Small business are the backbone of not only the U.S economy but also the global economy.”
The CPO will oversee product management, global product strategy, and payment and business development. Hicks will also manage Infusionsoft’s Marketplace, an app designed to help small businesses succeed.
“Terry gets small business, and he understands what it takes to grow a billion dollar company by serving that market sector,” co-founder and CEO of Infusionsoft Clate Mask said. “He knows first-hand how underserved the market is, and he shares our passion to help more small businesses realize success and their dreams.”
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Hicks spent nearly 10,000 hours with small businesses during his 15 years at Intuit in Silicon Valley and found that he wanted to provide a positive experience in the lives of small business owners.
“When I was an Intuit I became aware of my passion for small businesses by meeting many, many small businesses,” Hicks said.
He also spent his time at Intuit working with members across the world from Dubai to Tucson. “Silicon Valley does have a lot of talent in it, but it also exists elsewhere,” he said.
“Infusionsoft has a talented, passionate group of folks spread across Utah and Arizona focused on this mission of helping small businesses being more successful,” Hicks said.
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