Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review: Just Another Pretty Face?

Photo contribution by Austin Paetow
With back-to-school in the near future and looking for the next smartphone might be on the minds of some students, the AZTB team chose to review the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
It is a beauty straight out of the box with its unique shape, sleek design, and rounded edges that make the screen seem larger. This phone claims the title for the world’s first dual curved display smartphone.
The Edge has good color and great resolution. The sound is pretty good, considering it has a pretty small speaker, and the phone conversation quality is above average.
Let’s see what is inside the Edge and find out what sets this phone apart from the rest.
Some neat beneath-the-surface features:

  • samsung5This phone has some pretty cool camera features. There is a wide selfie feature, a virtual shot mode that lets you get the whole view of an object, and a “pro” mode where you change the ISO, white balance, etc. The camera also has pretty good photo quality on both sides.
  • The  “People edge” allows you to have the screen light up on the side when you get a notification from someone in “My people”. You can select different colors for each person, so when the screen flashes a color you know who the notification is from.
  • Other cool apps including the drive mode, which makes your phone unusable while driving and the briefing app, which puts all your chosen media in one place to read.
  • The phone also has a split screen feature that allow you to change the size of the screens and pinch-to-zoom in the texting app.

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  • The battery life didn’t live up to our standard, the battery decreases significantly even when the phone is on stand by.
  • The phone could sometimes be difficult to pick up off a flat surface because of the curved edge. It’s hard to grasp at first.
  • While charging, the phone gets pretty hot.
  • One time when we started up the phone, it automatically went into software updates for five minutes without asking. The phone gave a five second warning and rebooted itself. This could be a problem.

Overall, the phone has great features and capabilities, but it’s kind of expensive. The design is fun, but the rounded screen doesn’t add any extra functionality.
Samsung phone provided by AT&T for independent review
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