PTS Solutions Inc. acquires Arizona-based ITX Technology Solutions

From police body cameras to mug shot software components, police software systems created by Louisiana-headquartered PTS Solutions Inc. (PTS) are about to get even more technologically advanced.
Public safety software company PTS acquired Chandler-based ITX Technology Solutions Inc. this week. ITX has provided information integration and data management software for over 20 years to over 100 law enforcement organizations in 20 states.
The acquisition will advance the company’s platform with regard to organizing evidence and body cam video logs.
“We released a new body camera and we’re developing a back-end product that will basically take the ITX engine and incorporate it into a virtual evidence management system for keeping up with the chain of evidence for all types of digital images whether they come from us or from other sources,” PTS President Dave Fuqua said.
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Organizing and managing all the digital evidence from body cams and videos related to a crime was one area Fuqua wanted PTS to build upon.
“It will be really cool to be able to come back and say ‘OK we’ve got an incident here, do we have any videos that occurred in that area?’,” Fuqua said. With the software integration, an official will be able to see all the videos tagged in that area.
“There’s a whole lot of things that are going on in that arena that are still in the formulation stage,” Fuqua said.
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ITX has been very successful in the AS/400 platform back when most of the counties in the U.S. were using that operating platform created by IBM, according to Fuqua. The company developed an engine component for police departments to do mugshots, capture photographs and more.
“We entered a partnership with [ITX] about five years ago to incorporate that product into a product that we call a virtual filing cabinet, which basically allows you to Google type search your police database of all the documents that are in it,” Fuqua said.
The acquisition of ITX evolved from a partnership that the two companies have had for the past five years.
“We have had a great working relationship with PTS for the last 5 years and feel they will be a great fit with our existing customers by continuing to provide the quality support and development our clients expect and deserve,” President and CEO of ITX Robert Barnett said. “They have been in this business for 27 years and have a stable and established team in place that can jump in quickly to continue supporting and expanding on what we have created.”
PTS has been providing data collection and management software for law enforcement for over 25 years. Their products include Body Worn Cameras, and a multitude of softwares.
No employees will be relocated, but the acquisition could create anywhere from 5 to 15 new jobs. The addition of ITX will add clients from another 15 states and the Bahamas.
PTS currently has over 200 clients in 16 states and is the largest provider of public safety software in Louisiana and Mississippi. The company provides public safety software for local, county and state law enforcement agencies, courts, jails, and dispatch centers.
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Photos courtesy of PTS Solutions Inc.