Gadgets for the Guru: Backyard BBQ Part 2

Grill masters and pool chillers! Feast your eyes on the hottest tech gadgets that can transform your boring backyard into a fun-filled oasis.
coleman grill backyard bbq gadgetColeman FyreCommander Grill
Coleman’s new HyperFlame compact grill is the perfect addition to your backyard this summer. The new HyperFlame technology boils water twice as fast as previous Coleman two-burners because of the new design that increases airflow to the burner while blocking wind. This particular HyperFlame comes with all the bells and whistles: shelves, removable griddle plates, and collapsible telescoping legs. The 3-in-1 propane stove utilizes its technology, which provides an even heat distribution across the pan. Available for purchase for $249.99
bbq dragon gadgetsBBQ Dragon
Portable, hands-free and battery-powered, the BBQ Dragon is not just for the barbecue! You can attach it to almost anything and get any fire started without having to stand around hot flames waving plates and blowing. The BBQ Dragon is a beautiful blend of contemporary design and advanced technology. The long, adjustable stainless steel neck allows you position the BBQ Dragon to provide air wherever and whenever you need it. What does it start? Fireplaces, fire pits, smokers, wood stoves, campfires, and charcoal grills. Available for purchase for $59.95.
portafon waterproof casePortaFon
The PortaFon waterproof smartphone bag can protect any kind of cellphone (with a screen size up to 5.3″) from water, snow, sand, grease and dust. It was originally designed to be used in the pool or sea (up to 100 ft underwater), but customer feedback saw that winter sports were another scenario in which the PortaFon worked perfectly. It’s made out of durable PVC and the locking mechanism is very easy to operate, and miraculously it seals the phone from all-weather while you can still use all the functionality of your phone (including texting, answering the phone, taking good quality pictures and videos). Available for purchase for $12.99
power perch-2Power Perch
Annoyed of placing your smartphone on the ground while it’s charging? No worries! Power Perch is an outlet shelf that attaches to anywhere there’s an outlet in your house or backyard, that doesn’t damage your walls. Made in the USA, this easy-to-install addition will de-clutter your cords and give your electronics, razors, and other gadgets a place to charge in peace. Available for purchase for $12.99.
olympia-sb5500-300x293Olympia SB5500
Harness the power of the sun with Olympia’s Solar Power Series and never worry about running of battery again. You can use the sun or plug it in to charge it up. Charge cell phones, tablets, flashlights, two-way radios or anything with a USB or Micro-USB port. And for those sunless times, don’t fret, it has a power bank that stores energy. A great gift idea for the Dad that likes to camp and be adventurous. Available for purchase for $59.99
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