Personal cocktail vending machine Barbotics pours mojitos in seconds

Let’s be honest…mixing a good cocktail takes some level of talent, and finding right balance between tequila, juice and Triple Sec can be a hit or miss. But, what if a machine could do it all for you? Soon you will be able to plug in your personal cocktail vending machine and sip on a tasty margarita in seconds.


Watch Barbotics in action at AZTB via Periscope

Barbotics is the world’s most affordable craft cocktail maker that houses the largest number of ingredients per machine. Born in Surprise, Arizona, Barboitcs came to fruition when co-founder Rachael Blake decided mixology wasn’t her forte. “We created Barbotics because we were tired of not being able to enjoy inexpensive yet complex craft cocktails at home.”
The co-founders made their product small enough to place on the counter or home bar. They also created an online portal (no mobile app download required) that provides an expansive database of bartender-approved, peer-reviewed cocktail recipes as well as suggestions based on the ingredients you have on hand.

1st generation model shown at AZTB HQ
1st generation model shown at AZTB HQ

The other techie part of the product is Barbotics’ intelligent platform that begins to learn what a user likes, then recommend drinks, and tailors drinks to your tastes.
The co-founders said that Barbotics can also be useful in many business environments including hotels, bars, nightclubs, sports arena suites, casinos, and private boats and planes.
Barbotics comes in two sizes; the smaller size is perfect for mixology in the comfort of your home, whereas the larger machine is great for a larger party or tailgater.
2nd generation with 9 mixers courtesy of Barbotics
2nd generation with 9 mixers courtesy of Barbotics

Pricing will be: $199 – 9 ingredient (includes case and base features) and $299 – 12 ingredient (includes case and base features)
Barbotics plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to complete the build out of the product in the coming months.
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Graphics courtesy of Barbotics