Food delivery, web design and mechanics win at Vendeme Tu Sueno

Univision partnered up with social conscious incubator Seed Spot to find the next entrepreneur in the Vendeme Tu Sueno (Pitch me your Dream) competition.
From 400 applicants down to three finalists, entrepreneurs pitched to local business leaders, startup moguls, investors and incubators to win a slot in Seed Spot’s full-time venture program.

Watch their journey here | run time 1:47

The three finalists included:
Lucy’s Garage | Israel Medellin
Trusting ones’ mechanic can be the difference between hundreds and thousands of dollars for car repairs. This startup aims to connect car owners with local, experienced, or off-duty mechanics in a safe, secure, online platform. The goal is to keep the money local, build a trusted network of mechanic professionals and provide a steady stream of business opportunities.
Maingo | Food delivery app | Adriana Grado & Yasmin Tapia
If you are studying late at night and can’t take a break to get food, then have it delivered to you. Instead of the regular chain pizza restaurants, you want the local favorite pizza joint. Maingo is designed to increase the number of college students that order from and support local restaurants. The founders hope to build a network of college “delivery” drivers and support the local economy.
Tech Recon | Connecting young web development talent to small businesses | Christopher Angulo
This startup’s goal is to connect young local talent in web development and technical support to small business owners and families and build out online tools at afforadable prices.
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Seed Spot also had two alternates in case one of the ventures would not be able to participate in the full-time program.
Commun.ity | Aditi Madane
Having friendly neighbors who help each other is at the root of the Commun.ity startup. They are creating an online marketplace where individuals can request help for small-to-large tasks from those who live in your neighborhood. Need your lawn mowed? Maybe the kid down the street might want to earn extra money?
Taxi Azida | Driver safety certifications | Sergio Lopez
This startup strives to provide educational safety training and certifications for the taxi industry.
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Photo provided by Seed Spot 
Founders Left to Right: Maingo, Tech Recon, Lucys garage