Vestafy, animal welfare software co., acquired by Pethealth

Pethealth Inc. recently acquired Vestafy, a workflow management software product serving the animal welfare industry and a recent incubee at the socially-conscious incubator Seed Spot.
Vestafy will become an essential part to Pethealth’s suite of animal care services. Their platform helps animal shelters streamline their workflow, manage data, aggregate reports and more, all through mobile devices.
The creator of Vestafy, Steve Zeidman, will rejoin Pethealth as Vice President, Innovation and Research as part of the acquisition. He has an 18-year career in animal welfare, including serving as PetPoint’s Chief Software Architect and head of research for PetSmart Charities.
“We are happy to have Steve return to Pethealth working alongside Brad Grucelski and the PetPoint team. His years of experience and unique perspective will benefit both our company and our clients.” said Michelle Cole, Senior Vice President, Customer Success. “Adding Vestafy to our suite of products further demonstrates our long-term commitment to delivering quality products and services for our partners in the animal welfare community.”
SteveZeidmanZeidman shared, “I set out with Vestafy to impact the animal welfare movement. I started my own business because I thought that was the best way to bring my particular skills to the table. As part of Pethealth, my impact will be much larger and widespread than I could ever do on my own.”
AZTB was first introduced to Vestafy when they pitched their startup idea at Seed Spot’s Demo Day back in December 2014.
“Having an idea is the easy part, building the business to support that idea is the hard part. Seed Spot helped me see that I had all the pieces but I needed help putting them into place,” said Zeidman. “They are a big part of my success!”
But don’t worry AZ tech community, we’re not losing the veteran software engineer to another market. Zeidman dished, “I’m staying at Seed Spot! Most of my team is already virtual so I will work with them remotely. I want to keep feeding off of the creative community I am a part of here and bring that energy to the staff at Pethealth that are spread throughout the US, Canada and the UK.”
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