Gadgets for the Guru: Graduation edition

It’s that time of year again! High school and college seniors who have successfully completed a chapter in their academic careers move on to the next chapter in their lives. Here are some cool tech gadgets to ease their transition.
logitech mouse-3Logitech Wireless Mouse M320
The Logitech Wireless Mouse M320 is the perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and comfort. The contoured, asymmetric shape of the mouse is designed to effortlessly fit in your right hand, while its wide wheel improves the scrolling experience. Energy-efficient engineering helps it squeeze approximately 18 months of battery life per battery change, and its Logitech Advanced Optical Sensor provides smooth cursor control, precise tracking and responsive text selection. College students or young professionals will love this bad boy in their hand. Available for purchase for $29.99
bemo-phone mom gadgetLogitech’s BEMO
The Bemo is a sleek social video camera that can capture the coolest moments in your life. Every recent graduate will want one of these cameras, which can easily fit in a pocket or purse, to snap memorable moments on the first day of college or your first day in your big-person job (a.k.a. the real world). The Bemo produces high-quality video that can be edited, filtered and shared on all social media channels. Available for purchase for $129.00.
cyclops surface 3 caseCyclops Surface 3 case
This ultra-protective and stylish case fits nicely around the new Surface 3 tablet. Over-molded with TPE and polycarbonate, Trident’s Cyclops case protects tablets against drops and other impacts while simultaneously boasting an ultra slim and adaptable design. This is the perfect gift for the recent graduate. Available for purchase for $79.99
padded-gear-pouch-openPadded Gear Pouch
SF Bags has released a cool carrier that houses all your cords and electronic knick-knacks. With separators in the pouch, you can easily grab your phone charger without dealing with a tangled mess. Stash your mouse, glasses, or hard drive in this stylish padded case. A great gift for the student off to college in the Fall or a young professional heading into the real world. Available for purchase for $59.00
netgear nighthawk grad gadgetNighthawk 802.11ac WiFi Router ($199.99)
Having trouble Netflix or video games? Is your home/dorm Internet connection running at turtle speed? The Nighthawk router is the perfect gift for a recent graduate who wants the best streaming, gaming and mobile WiFi experience. The Nighthawk delivers fast WiFi speeds (600 + 1300 Mbps) and increases range and reliability for unmatched connectivity in the home. The Nighthawk is able to deliver a true, buffer-free streaming experience and gives the Xbox 360 and Xbox One priority bandwidth for a lag-free gaming performance. For mobile devices, the Nighthawk can improve WiFi speeds by up to 100% while providing unparalleled coverage throughout large homes and even backyards. Available for purchase for $199.99
fly6 mom gadgetFly6
Is your college campus bike-friendly? Ride your bike to work? Recent graduates can ride their bikes worry-free with Cycliq’s Fly6. This gadget replaces your existing bike taillight with a red light and built-in HD camera that records in real-time what happens behind you. The Fly6 is the perfect gift for a bike-riding student or young professional. Available for purchase for $169.00.
Vday megaboomUE Boom and MegaBoom
Ultimate Ears has developed a set of booming speakers that easily stand up tall to the competition. Be the envy of your dorm-mate with these awesome portable speakers. The MegaBoom is a tad wider and taller, and with the Ultimate Ears mobile app you can pair the two for maximum sound. They each come in a variety colors and even have “artists” editions for those trendy kids in your life. Clear, beautiful sound streams effortlessly through the sleek, cylindrical speakers. Sync any Bluetooth-enabled device and you’ll be jamming in to time. Available for purchase for $199.99-$299.99
innerexile mom gadgetinnerexile phone case
The innerexile hydra case for iPhone 6/6 Plus is a self-mending case that utilizes a protective coating that fixes light scratches and scuffs within 30 seconds, and is tested against a 1000g bronze brush. The highly resilient material maintains the case’s flexible and comfortable grip. innerexile hydra is available in three translucent colors. Send your graduate off to college knowing their smartphone is protected. Available for purchase for $25.00.
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