DeskHub acquires Salt Lake City-based co-working space Holodeck

Entrepreneurial workspace DeskHub acquired coworking campus Holodeck in Salt Lake City this week.
The transition will happen over the summer months. DeskHub Salt Lake City will become the largest coworking space in the city.
“We are acquiring the Holodeck brand and rebranding it (under) DeskHub,” Founder DeskHub Jay Chernikoff said. “We are really trying to focus our efforts on markets where we think we can help entrepreneurship flourish and also become a part of our network.”
holodeck collage
The Salt Lake City space is 15,000 square-feet and will feature a variety of amenities and services. Holodeck employees will continue to manage the space, but occupants will now receive DeskHub benefits.
Holodeck originally moved into the space in the fall of 2014.
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Deskhub, located in Scottsdale, launched in January 2015 under Chernikoff. Two additional DeskHub locations opened earlier this year in San Diego and Atlanta. Chernikoff has noticed an increase in interest from companies from tech hubs like San Francisco and New York as well.
“We are seeing a lot of entrepreneurial work and connecting happening in our spaces and we need to expand and build these networks,” Chernikoff said.
All DeskHub members can drop in and visit other locations as well. “People from Salt Lake City can come down and visit our Scottsdale space, and people in Scottsdale can go out and see our San Diego space,” Chernikoff said.
DeskHub is currently the largest co-working space in Maricopa County at 17,000 square feet.
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Graphics courtesy of DeskHub