Link2Golf lets golfers book tee times with buddies through their smartphone

Between emails, text, phone calls and social media, coordinating friends and tee times for a round of golf can be cumbersome.
Phoenix-based startup Link2Golf (L2G) is making it easier to connect with friends, search courses, book tee times and pay for your next of round of golf all through your smartphone.
CEO and co-founder Kevin Curry, a former assistant golf pro, came up with the idea because he had a crazy work schedule and when he did play golf, ended up playing alone or played with golfers of a lower skill set, and decided to build a solution for golfers.
“I decided there should be a community where I can reach out to golfers like me, book tee times, meet people and play golf,” Curry said.
Through the app, golfers set up their profile, list their location, handicap, budget for a round and availability. Users can learn more details about a particular course by clicking on that location.
L2G has partnered with Tempe-based OpenTee, the world’s second largest golf booking engine, and list 2,100 courses from around the world. As of today, golfers can book tee times on courses within 100 miles of their current location.
When it’s time to put that foursome together, users can coordinate through private group chat sessions, then select the course, tee time and check out through the payment portal. The app also allows a user to pay for multiple players.
L2G makes it easy for golfers to book rounds on a whim. “We found that most golfers play within 24 to 48 hours,” Curry said.
The app is also designed for golfers looking to pick up a round with groups locally or when they travel.
“I travel a lot and I don’t want to run the risk of playing with people who aren’t the same skill set but I want to play golf,” Curry said, but “I want to make new connections.”
For canceling a reservation, L2G does share the course’s cancellation policy with the user prior to check out, but the golfer needs to contact the course for refunds, Curry said.
L2G launched in October 2014 and showcased their app at the Collision conference in Las Vegas. As of this interview, L2G have 1,175 downloads, 841 users and have spent zero on marketing. The company is currently generating revenue through an 8.25 percent booking fee paid by courses.
Curry said upcoming features will include: golf course reviews, social media login, promotion codes and improved search. The app is available in iOS and Android.
“We are very excited for L2G,” Curry said. “We are the first in the market to bring this tech to the industry. Golf needs disruption and we think we can be that transition into the millennials and increasing the enjoyment of golf.”
Graphics provided by Link2Golf
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