Calling all techies! PHX Mayor Stanton wants you for Innovation Games – May 16-17

The PHX Innovation Games are coming! The first quarterly challenge aiming to bring the community together and innovate is taking shape as a hackathon. The event is being hosted by the Phoenix Public Works and located at the Phoenix Convention Center on May 16 and 17.
Mayor Greg Stanton announced the PHX Innovation Games at this year’s State of the City Address and is calling for creative members of the technology, maker and graphic design communities to join the hackathon and come up with solutions for waste diversion.
“It was time to do a hackathon in Phoenix,” Stanton said to AZ Tech Beat. “So we’re going big and doing a big one at the convention center.”
The Innovation Games is about bringing in a new set of eyes to help solve issues like waste diversion and other major city issues, Stanton said. The city has ideas, but they want the community to help bring in more innovative ideas.
This Innovation Games hopes to inspire a cool mobile application aiming at diverting waste from landfills. Stanton hopes the app will help educate the community on what should be thrown out and what should be used for other means, such as selling reusable items.
Using technology to solve these issues is crucial in bringing change, but the city needs the communities help.
“The city has some ideas, but we need your ideas,” Stanton said.
Phoenix is looking for groups or individual innovators to help bring change to the community. If you care about the environment, can code and love technology then this hackathon is for you.
There are also networking opportunities to speak with industry professionals, so be sure to sign up.
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