The gender gap starts with us – Bev Crair, Intel – Girls in Tech Catalyst

Intel is just one of the larger tech companies in Arizona striving to reduce the gender gap in the tech industry, and are putting their money where their mouth is.
Bev Crair, storage group vice president and general manager at Intel, spoke at the Girls in Tech Catalyst and said that Intel has invested around $300 million to address the gender gap problem in tech. She also emphasized that there are other, more creative, ways to increase awareness and get young girls interested in STEM.
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Bev Crair, Intel - Courtesy of Girls in Tech
Bev Crair, Intel – Courtesy of Girls in Tech

Crair said it starts with us. Discovering the potential in young women can be exponentially rewarding. Crair expressed that it starts with education and that as a community we need to advocate for STEM curriculum ranging from elementary to university level schooling.
Crair encouraged all women to promote STEM while also encouraging your colleagues and friends to do take up an interest in the industry. If you don’t have a daughter but your friend does, offer up your insight and maybe you will inspire a young girl to become a techie.
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