Get Final Four Ready – NCAA Tourney apps

Every March the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) brings together 68 teams to compete in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and has been the most-watched NCAA tourney in 22 years. Most viewers are anxiously awaiting a Kentucky train-wreck, but will it come? Or will a different kind of history be made if Kentucky goes undefeated – no team has ever done it.
How about you basketball lovers on-the-go? There’s an app for that! Actually, there are several apps for that…Let the madness begin.
ESPN’s Tournament Challenge app is one platform for fanatics that compete in friendly competition against their friends’ brackets. Create a bracket, join others’ brackets, and invite others all in this easy to use app.
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CBS Sports app is a platform that will provide the most amount of information in the least amount of time. CBS is the home network of the NCAA tournament, so rest assured that this app will send out the 411 in real time.
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NCAA March Madness Live is probably the best app in terms of all-around offerings. By using this app an individual can have viewing access in the palm of their hands of every single game. A subscription to a television cable company is needed to stream all live games on this app. The social aspect of this app will focus on the hashtag #MarchMadness, which can be used to show what social network people are sharing on.
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Final Four team apps:
Duke Blue Devils Basketball: Apple iOS download | Android download
Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Apple iOS download | Android download
Michigan State Spartans Basketball: Apple iOS download | Android download
Wisconsin Badgers Basketball: Apple iOS download | Android download
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