Healthiest You launches app to keep you out of the ER

Healthcare just became a little bit easier with the recent launch of Healthiest You‘s new mobile app. Healthiest You, a Scottsdale-based telehealth company, built the app to offer both mobile and desktop users free consultations with doctors, area-based procedure cost comparisons, provider directories, drug pricing and insurance information.
Healthiest You’s application is meant to bring innovation and choices directly to the consumer, said Jim Prendergast, CEO of Healthiest You. Through this innovation, Healthiest You hopes to cut down on premiums, and costs across the board for employers and users of the mobile application, he said.
There are a network of hundreds of emergency room doctors on call through Healthiest You’s app for users to consult with, Prendergast said, making it easier to get ahold of a doctor.
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The new app also reminds users that they can call a doctor through Healthiest You when they step inside of an emergency room or urgent care facility, Prendergast said.
“What (the patient) may not know is they don’t have to spend $300 inside of an urgent care at 10 o’clock at night when they just have a virus or a UTI,” Prendergast said. Calling a doctor would help avoid those costly late night doctor visits.
healthiest you
The app is all about giving the consumer choices, he said.
Healthiest You’s mobile app is available through insurance brokers and consultants. Some plans would raise the deductible, but would give the option to use Healthiest You this way so you can avoid the emergency rooms and urgent care all together.
According to several case studies on the American Telemedicine Association website, telemedicine has proven effective in rural areas for neurology, dermatology, psychiatry and pediatric cases.
Prendergast and his team were recently at SXSW promoting Healthiest You and its new mobile application.
“We met some strong potential partners,” Prendergast said of his time at SXSW. “There were a lot of innovative companies.”
The company is planning on creating a smartwatch and smart TV application in the near future.
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